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On-board ModuleNEO-8Q
Featured TechnologyU-blox
Board Size (mm)67.11mm x 28mm
InterfacesUART, USB, SPI, I2C
Voltage - Supply5V
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Products detail

1. Introduction of NEO-8Q GPRS (ATC-E04 Easy )

ATC-E04 Easy is a product designed by AT-COM to provide users with integrated facilities that are interconnected into a network through ATCBus.

The board is powered by the Ublox NEO-8Q with features of GPS integrated in one module.

Module NEO-8Q is the latest GPS series, which delivers optimum performance in GPS receiver even in harsh environments. ATC-E04-NEO-8Q is full of features to provide you with ideas for location-based applications.

 2. Schematic of ATC-E04



2. Feaure of NEO-8Q GPRS (ATC-E04 Easy )


The ATCBus Socket with integrated pins allows users to connect to products that support ATCBus easily. All in one ATCBus.

a. Power and reset module NEO-8Q

Power supply for ATC-E01-MC60 Easy via ATCBus at 5V and GND or 3.3V and GND.

  • If power supply at 5V, It will then pass the power IC conversion to 3.3V supply to the NEO-8Q module.
  • If power supply at 3.3V, It will provided directly to the NEO-8Q module.

This ensures a response up to 0.3Ampe and a drop in voltage when the load does not exceed 300mV.

The circuit is designed with a transistor reset NEO-8Q module. It is possible to reset NEO-8Q in two Methods:

  • Method 1: Press the reset button then hold for about 2 seconds, designed on the circuit.
  • Method 2: Provide a high-level pulse to the RST pin of ATCBus Socket, module NEO-8Q will be reset.

b. Select the communication voltage

To accommodate the level of external devices when communicating with the ATC-E04 module, the board has a custom designed user interface with a 3.3V/ 5V logic voltage rating for application. When manufacturing, the voltage rating will be used at the 3.3V logic level.

How to change the communication voltage:

  • Remove the 0R resistor (size 0603) in the unwanted position (face is at 3.3V).
  • Resist the 0R resistor (size 0603) to the desired position of 3.3V or 5V.

c. Micro USB port

Micro USB port for reading GPS data directly from NEO-8Q module and can be used for communication as an alternative to the UART. USB drivers can be down-loaded from the u-blox web site.

d. Antenna GPS



ATC-E04-NEO-8Q has integrated Jinchang JTTD1575-1602S20P4B antenna.

Antenna parameters JTTD1575-1602S20P4B:

Center frequency: 1575.42 ±3.0 MHz and 1602 ±3.0 MHz

VSWR: 1.5:1

Bandwidth: ≥8 MHz

Impedance: 50Ω

In addition, the ATC-E04 also has an IPX connector for the user.

e. LED Indicate

3. Dimension