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    1. Introduction to GPS L70 Easy

     The L70 is a GPS module from Quectel. The L70 is designed with MTK's MT3339 GPS core chip, which has excellent GPS reception capabilities. "66 accquisition channels - 22 tracking channels". Distance error less than 10 meters, more precisely the chips are used as Ublox, Holux ... The highlight of the L70 module is the low current consumption of only 22-25mA and very small size only 10.1x9.7x2 .5mm.

    GPS L70 Easy is a product developed by AT-COM based on the features of the L70 Module . GPS L70 Easy is designed to be a compact, an easy-to-navigate device that allows users to easily research and deploy related applications to GPS such as positioning the map on a Google map, measuring speed, and time...with high precision. In addition, with compact size, handy data output, GPS L70 Easy will deliver the most modern and sophisticated design inspiration.

    GPS L70 Easy was designed by AT-COM with 2 versions selected using External Antenna and Internal Antenna. 

    Version 1: Use the RF connector to connect the External Active Antenna GPS.

    This version uses 1 RF Connector to connect to the external antenna. The connector is suitable for the outer sheathing of the product and uses antennas that extend 3 to 5 meters.

    The circuit is tested with 3-meter Extenal Active Antenna GPS of Jinchang with 28 dB gain, 2.2-5V operation power, 5-15mA current consumption, good GPS tracking and main return coordinates. The error is less than 10 meters.


    With this version is suitable for GPS applications deployed environment outside, it is resistant rain, sun and high temperatures such as vehicle positioning equipment, taxi, ship ...

    The price applied for this version is: 400.000 VND

    Version 2: uses Internal Active Antenna GPS welded on the circuit

    This version is designed to weld Internal Active Antenna GPS onto the circuit without using an external antenna, making the circuit very compact and suitable for small design and space saving.

    The circuit is tested with Internal Active Antenna GPS of Jinchang with 28 dB gain for good GPS reception and GPS accuracy returns accuracy less than 10 meters. 

    With this version suitable for applications in the research environment, applications in the less harsh environment.

    The price applied for this version is: 450.000 VND

    2. Features of the GPS L70 Easy

  • GPS L70 Easy is designed with a 1x5 header for powering and transmitting data via the UART port. The default baud rate for GPS L70 Easy is 9600 bps. The user can change the baud rate from 4800 ~ 115200 bps.
  • GPS L70 Easy incorporates two 2x9 Headers which AT-COM calls ATCBus so that it can connect to all other application boards that share ATCBus. All in one ATCBus.
  • RF Connector supports connection to external antenna. GPS L70 Easy is designed to support both "Active Antenna" and "Passive Antenna". Users can choose to use Active Antenna or Passive Antenna via a "Jump Select". If Passive Antenna is used, Jump Select is open, if using Active Antenna, user will select Jump Select. By default, the GPS L70 Easy is welded to the Jump Select junction to select Active Antenna.
  • LED Pulse lights flashes with frequency 1 Hz when the GPS sends the coordinates via the UART.
  • The RST feet allow for resetting the L70 module.
  • The TX, RX, GND pins use to communicate with computers or microcontrollers to retrieve data from the L70.
  • Users can use USB To UART board of AT-COM to power the GPS L70 Easy and communicate with the computer to view the tracking and coordinates returned by the L70 module. For details on how to check the GPS L70 Easy users can refer to the manual article GPS L70 Easy on the AT-COM website.

    3. Design diagram of the GPS L70 Easy 

     4. Dimension of the GPS L70 Easy