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GSM/GPRS + GNSS Board with Fully Tracking Function

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  1. Introduction to Open Tracker

    The Open Tracker product is a product designed and manufactured by AT-COM that features a navigation device and cruise control. The product is built with the Quectel GNSS L76 module, which supports GPS and Glonas with 33 tracking / 99 acquisition channels for accurate and rapid positioning, with a tolerance of less than 2.5m (airy environment), combined with the Quectel module. GSM / GPRS M95. Board is equipped with STM32F107VCT6 microcontroller with 256KB Flash, 64 Kbytes SRAM, processing speed up to 72MHz.

       In addition, the product can be optionally boxed with dimensions of 60 x 13 x 120 mm with monolithic aluminum material with options:

       - GSM antenna, GPS / Glonass internal.

       - External antenna with SMA connector.

       The exterior of the case comes with power and communication wires, a SIM card slot, a microSD card slot, a 3.5mm microphone jack, and LED status indicators for GSM, GPS and Power.

      With AT-COM's Open Tracker solution, users can easily apply to the following areas:

       - Monitoring and anti-theft for motorcycles.

       - Supervise the management of cargo transport, passenger transportation, position tracking, speed, direction of travel.

       - Communication, tracking position in the management of cars, especially vehicles such as: Taxi, truck, construction vehicles, bus, passenger car, self-driving car ...

       - Apply to the anti-theft system for self-driving rental application, tracking the route of the convoy ...

 2. Design diagram of Open Tracker

       Users can download the schematic diagram of the Open Tracker (Schematic Open Tracker) product.

3. Features of Open Tracker

OpenTracker feeds are available through the following connectors:

       - 5VDC via USB Micro connector.

       - 9 - 45VDC through pins VIN, GND.

       - Battery Li-Po 3.7V through Connector.


  • The board is designed to withstand reverse polarity with the MBRS340T3G diode on On Semiconductor.


  • The integrated GNSS L76 GPS module has a number of advantages including 99 acquisition / 33 tracking channels, GPS, Glonass, QZS, Low power consumption: 18mA, EASY and AGPS technology. Fast and accurate positioning speed.


  • And the M95 Module is a quad-band GSM / GPRS module GSM850 MHz, GSM900 MHz, DCS1800 MHz, PCS1900 MHz. The M95 module is integrated with Internet protocols such as TCP / IP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS and PPP, which is controlled by AT Command.


  • Combined with the high-speed STM32F107VCT6 microcontroller (256-Core Cortex ™ -M3 Cortex ™ CPU) with 256KB Flash, 64 Kbytes SRAM, processing speed up to 72MHz, easily meets the demanding application solution requirements. High speed and processing power.



  • The Open Tracker product offers users many convenient options:
     - 1575 MHz - 1602 MHz 1550 MHz - 1602 MHz GPS Antenna Chip is designed for small size PCBs that can be used on mini trackers without external antennas.

          - Or you can connect to external GPS / GLONASS antennas such as: JCA001 (1575.42 ± 1MHz), JCA004 (1575.42 ± 1MHz), JCA002G (1575.42 ± 1MHz 1602-1610MHz) ... via SMA cable.


      -  The optional GSM Antenna is available as: JCG086 (operating frequency: 824 ~ 960 1710 ~ 2170MHz).


      - Or connect to external GSM antenna such as: JCG017 (operating frequency: 824 ~ 960/1710 ~ 2170MHz), JCG821 (operating frequency: 824 ~ 960/1710 ~ 2170MHz) ... via SMA cable.


  • The circuit board is also designed to increase the application's scalability, such as compatibility with the STM32F1xx, STM32F3xx, STM32F4xx (with pin type: LQFP-100). mine.
  • Data archiving capabilities have also been expanded in AT-COM's design, allowing users to store data inside the product, as the Open Tracker has an integrated S25FL256SAGNFI flash memory chip with SPANSION's 256Mbit memory.



  • Open Tracker offers a 20-pin connector for users to connect and implement their applications.




  • The integrated MAX3232CDR converts the TTL to RS232 logic level, with three RS232 data converters allowing Open Tracker to communicate with many other devices via RS232 or users can incorporate RS485 switching circuits. Maximum communication distance is 1,200 meters.



  • On the Open Tracker design, there are four DC input and two pulse readings using the PC817XNNIP0F isolation interface, which improves the connectivity of the product to external devices while still ensuring processor safety center.



  • There are also two DC output outputs using the PC817XNNIP0F isolation optocoupler and a 2SD882 transistor with 10W load currents up to 3A.



  • AT-COM also offers three ADC inputs on the product that allow the conversion of analogue signals to digital signals for the user's related applications.



  • The product supports connectivity to the microphone via the 3.5mm jack to help users monitor and monitor the sound around the device.


  • At the same time, a built-in Buzzer with 80dB sound is also available for alarm applications or audio joysticks.




  • Built-in 3.7V Li-Polymer battery backup, with built-in auto-charge circuit board for convenient and excellent mobility for Open Tracker.




  • With these enhancements, Open Tracker has the ability to integrate with many external devices such as:

        - Connect the surveillance camera.

        - Connect to the speedometer readings of the vehicle.

        - Connect the fuel sensor, temperature sensor.

        - Connect the meter to Taxi.

        - Car lock monitoring, loss of car.

        - Monitor the car door open.

4. Dimension of Open Tracker